Let’s talk politics

This is hopefully the first blog post of many on the Lewis and Clark College politics blog. This blog has been created for the purpose of following the 2012 Presidential Elections and encouraging serious and thoughtful discussion among Lewis and Clark students about politics.

On account of the controversial nature of politics, and the uncertainty of my own political beliefs as the “chief blogger” of this operation, I would rather not reveal my identity in this age of informational permanence. I may take a controversial stance on certain issues, not because I necessarily hold the stance, but for the sake of discussion and self-exploration. It is my belief that the best way to understand a position that one does not hold (politically or philosophically) is to attempt to persuade oneself of its truth. For this reason, I may at times advance arguments that I do not wish to be taken out of context or attributed to me as something I believe.

Hence, a pseudonym.

-Spark Jameson


One thought on “Let’s talk politics

  1. Myself as well! May the discussion begin!

    -Thom Merrilin

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