Complacency is the mind killer.

A lot of the media I consume, which I suppose you may classify as mostly pro-democrat media, has covered many of Romney’s failings. In doing so, they have created this wonderful image of almost certain success of Obama in this election. Basically, all I wanted to say is that this is no reason to be lazy and not exercise your right to vote. Just because things seem to be going well for this one candidate, and badly for the other,  does not mean you should be complacent in using your voice to decide the future of this country. Make your opinion known, whether your candidate  seems to be on the verge of success or failure.

And for those of you who still need convincing, perhaps this poll will help –

With a +/- 3% room for error, it seems this race is more neck to neck than the media appears to be showing. Go vote. Make your voice heard. People died for the right. Treasure it.

Bombadil out.


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