Did Romney Really Win?

An hour after the first Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and already articles began popping up online about who “won” the debate. Now, it could just be my own personal bias, but Romney, despite a lot of opinions in the news right now, did not win the debate.

Among others, Joe Klein in his Time article (http://swampland.time.com/2012/10/03/the-debate/) described “Obama’s cool” as “ice cold,” saying that “It was 30 minutes into the debate . . . before he mentioned an actual human being,” while Romney mentioned real hurt people “in his very first answer.”

Yet overall, to me, Obama came off as being much more likable and sound. Throughout the debate, Romney attacked Obama ferociously, asserting himself despite most, if not all, time constraints. His assertiveness could be great. Perhaps his assertiveness would make Romney a good leader for the most powerful country on Earth. Or maybe, contrarily, we don’t need a bully as a leader anymore. Maybe America is tired and needs someone more civil, who will bring the country further away from the kind of America that established Guantanamo Bay and dashed into Iraq.

Every time Romney made an interjection, I could not help but notice the smile that creeped on Obama’s face like a dad amused by his 4-year-old son who’s still testing the rules of the world. You can call Obama’s performance “ice cold,” but how do Romney’s general examples of “actual people” compare with Obama’s examples of his family, his own grandma, and the many people that he has talked to on and off the campaign trail as well? Romney may have seemed personable up to a point, but Obama also cracked a couple of jokes, making fun of Donald Trump among others.

Josh Green in Businessweek (http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-10-03/mitt-romneys-hostile-takeover-of-the-debate) asserts that Romney showed a “firm grasp” of his vision tonight, despite a great lack of details. But running against an incumbent president, a person who has already proven their own firm grasp of their vision, Romney needs a lot more to tell people who he is and why they should like him. I’m not convinced, but again, I’m biased. I guess we’ll just see in the polls tomorrow. I just hope voters make their decision more on who the candidates are and represent rather than who the media says did a better job.

-V. Wiggin


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