Confessions of a First Time Voter: Part III, Voting

There, I did it. I mailed in my ballot yesterday, and voted in my first ever election. After months of anxiety, filled with researching voting, registering to vote, reading all of the ballot and candidate information, and finally making my decision, it is over. But this got me thinking about the election as a whole. November 6th is five days away. And now, it is really crunch time. There are no more campaign stops, debates, television adds, interviews (and subsequent gaffes), public statements, or any of that other superficial crap. All that is left now are two men, two ideals, and one great country. And it is up to you to decide what happens. Don’t listen to the polls or newspapers or television shows or even blogs to tell you how to vote. If you strip the candidates of all of that, you are just left with two men. Listen to what they say, and look at what they do, and that is all of the campaigning you need. And please, get out there and vote. Though it may not seem so, your vote does count, and your participation in this election is allowing you to practice one of your sacred rights. I know that this is not the typical type of political post, but your vote is up to you, and what I think should not influence that. In closing, thank you for voting, and may the best candidate win.


One thought on “Confessions of a First Time Voter: Part III, Voting

  1. Thanks for all your contributions, first time voter! I hope to read your thoughts on other issues if you feel moved to write them.
    -Spark Jameson

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