What’s Going On In Gaza?

The past few days, I’ve been hearing talk about some kind of conflict between Israel and Palestine. And I ask myself: what’s this all about? Is the situation worsening or the same as it has been? The only thing that I really know is that the recent conflict is just the latest chapter in a long dispute.

So, let’s start there. Last week, Israel started a defensive forces operation in the Gaza Strip called “Operation Pillar of Defense”. The operation was a response to a sustained attack that occurred on October 24th in which Gazan militants fired 80 rockets and mortars into Israel in the course of a single day. From what I can understand about the conflict, the attacks were a response to other attacks, which were a response to other attacks. Maybe this is a gross over-simplification of the conflict, but it does seem to me that in some ways the Israel-Palestine situation resembles a familial blood vendetta. And I’m guessing that it’s unlikely to stop anytime soon.

The United States’s role in this is to defend and support Israel. So any violence that breaks out will inevitably obligate the US to respond in some way. What makes the situation dicey is it sounds like Israel may be preparing for some sort of ground invasion. Truces would likely be temporary at best. Unless something new and different happens, peace seems a long way off…



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