Hello 2013

The other contributors to this blog seem to have petered off since the election ended. I have taken it upon myself as a duty to keep it up, at least until I graduate this coming Spring. Usually around New Year, people resolve to achieve goals that they believe will better them, and take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and share their hopes for the next. I will be no exception.

Many things happened in 2012, some good, some tragic. The Curiosity rover landed on Mars. London hosted the Olympic games. Facebook went public. The Encyclopedia Britannica ended its print edition. Genevan scientists discovered the Higgs Boson particle. Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier during a 24-mile free fall. This blog began. Obama was re-elected, as was Vladimir Putin (despite allegations of vote-fraud), socialist Francoise Hollande became president of France, and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi became president of Egypt. The drug war raged on in Mexico. Thousands died in the Syrian civil war. Israel and Palestine resumed their conflict. People in the US suffered from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

What do I hope for in the coming year? I’m hoping that the world economy improves, as does my own ability to understand it. I hope that the US and Europe figure out how to deal with their fiscal issues. I hope that democracy doesn’t collapse in Egypt, and that the civil war in Syria comes to a close and doesn’t spread into Lebanon. I hope that China poises itself to become a responsible hegemon as America’s global dominance begins to fade. Finally, I hope we make some groundbreaking scientific discovery in outer space. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it?


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